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PT. PERINTIS PROTEKSI SEJAHTERA (PERPRO) was formed in 1991 by Senior Engineers with many years of experience in the theoretical and practical aspects of Cathodic Protection System, Design, Installation and Application. The experience had been gained with protection of a wide variety of structure types.Expansion of our business resulted a s follows : - Year 2000, Manufacture / Assembly PERPRO Transformer Rectifier and other related equipment. - Year 2005, Supply and Application of Protective Coating & Petrolatum Tape System. - Year 2010 : - Stockist of Cathodic Protection Material such as : > Magnesium Anode 17 lbs & 32 lbs. > ICS Zinc Anode & Aluminium Anode > HMWPE Cable size 1x10 sqmm, 1x16 sqmm, 1x32 sqmm > Coke breeze Loresco > Accesories (Cadweld equipment, Royston Handycap etc,). - Stockist of Petrolatum tape HDPE sheet & derlin strapping bandPT. PERINTIS PROTEKSI SEJAHTERA (PERPRO) applies advanced management techniques to ensure that sufficient resources are devoted to any enquiry or order received regardless of size. The work is carried out by a small team but with supervise by one of the Directors or Senior Managers to ensure compliance with the requirements of the customer. This ensures that the best engineering solution is achieved, delivery reliable and work on site carried out efficiently.PT. PERINTIS PROTEKSI SEJAHTERA (PERPRO) provides the best services to protect our client’s assets by providing the best materials and services of external corrosion protection
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